A shining Glimmer hope or just everlasting hell...

By jacob krall

Im making a plan, i have an idea about this whole thing with new info….and i think im starting to get my confidence back but i gotta talk to zac, maybe figure something out about ouroboros maybe take a stick to his agenda, my problem lies in the Filth, im starting to think with this new info about a skull that i think belongs to the Filth. methinks from my journal entries that i think that where i went wrong was my desperation as well as Zac’s own need to kill/ desperation to win would have done something wrong maybe something catastrophic especially since the filth is Desperation, death, stagnation, madness, who knows what else. i think it would have empowered it if my relative small Small thinking of deities powers can possibly come up with. but i think the golden thumb bone that gaia sent us is probably one of two things if deduction from me is worth a damn , is 1. its a possible way home or 2. its the source of power we need for the skull to bitch slap the filth out of here but i think i need to win their trust at least.

My guess is we need to use that thumb as the power source to blast the filth….and i wonder about my own passage in the alternate timeline that ouroburos saw the skull through my eyes. i think he literally has to look for the skull for me while i try to find it, if i see it in the corner i think he needs to direct me to it without alerting the wards on it to my looking for it. but then half the writings on it is sheer madness / zac interfering with my entry just because he wanted to “Fact check my opinion” but thats just my thinking of the carp in there. and im taking some notes out of the journal about some of the power ideas he had. something about a shadow bolt idea i was cultivating though no entries on whether or not it was tested yet


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