Boston madness
By jacob Krall

You ever wonder what a left for dead zombie Apocalypse was gonna feel like and happen look no further then a strigoi infestation we get strong armed into this by MCB whom got strong armed by PUFF….fucking puff put $10000 bounty on the children at our compound, Children!….. one of these days we are going to be ripping apart a MCB Team because Puff decided it has had enough of us…..Back to our present fucktopalypse we investigated a building where another MCB sent team got dropped and seemed to get all the attention of the local horde. place was entirely wreck as they seemed to fight all the way to the top of the 50 story tower to get off something……my memory hazed out after we started to feel a large horde come after us as well we had just felt the past events of one of the members. weird how my awareness took to TG’s sight. i think Ouroboros’s connection to the dead is letting me see things when i push. but that is just a theory. its odd how ouroboros is feeling like a stable presence. i may have to go on my own way for a time to learn my powers, for a time, i need a focus weapon of my own and i need this amulet ouroboros keeps bugging me to find,

A shining Glimmer hope or just everlasting hell...
By jacob krall

Im making a plan, i have an idea about this whole thing with new info….and i think im starting to get my confidence back but i gotta talk to zac, maybe figure something out about ouroboros maybe take a stick to his agenda, my problem lies in the Filth, im starting to think with this new info about a skull that i think belongs to the Filth. methinks from my journal entries that i think that where i went wrong was my desperation as well as Zac’s own need to kill/ desperation to win would have done something wrong maybe something catastrophic especially since the filth is Desperation, death, stagnation, madness, who knows what else. i think it would have empowered it if my relative small Small thinking of deities powers can possibly come up with. but i think the golden thumb bone that gaia sent us is probably one of two things if deduction from me is worth a damn , is 1. its a possible way home or 2. its the source of power we need for the skull to bitch slap the filth out of here but i think i need to win their trust at least.

My guess is we need to use that thumb as the power source to blast the filth….and i wonder about my own passage in the alternate timeline that ouroburos saw the skull through my eyes. i think he literally has to look for the skull for me while i try to find it, if i see it in the corner i think he needs to direct me to it without alerting the wards on it to my looking for it. but then half the writings on it is sheer madness / zac interfering with my entry just because he wanted to “Fact check my opinion” but thats just my thinking of the carp in there. and im taking some notes out of the journal about some of the power ideas he had. something about a shadow bolt idea i was cultivating though no entries on whether or not it was tested yet

The End or Begining

So we had a little bit of an incident with the tower appearing in the middle of L.A. “not allowed to speak about it” Did get a new guard dog for the compound which is nice. Still so many unanswered questions. Good news we are officially a part of the pack some good some bad but I think its the best thing for us now. I really do believe that Lucius Luko is just trying to help us. As for the rest of the group they wanted to do a trial by combat with THE LECKOR! I don’t think they know how powerful he really is, fools. But enough of that.

Shortly after that i started getting sick WTF. How? Why? To top it off had beetles coming out of my body and the more they ate the stronger they got. Not cool at all. Had to lock me in a metal box to keep the beetles from getting out into the world. With me being weak and going in and out of it Larry somehow died. Not sure on all the details but when I was out I awoke with a surge of power and found that Larry had died. I was able to revive his body and reconnect him to the tree. Had to use his sword to create the connection and make it stable. After saving his body and mind I was exhausted again. Again while I was out Jacob and Red made a deal with Death for his soul. Great that’s going to bite us in the ass later. Take me out of the game for just a few days and people die and make deals with Death.

Now during the times that I was not awake, i was just in a different place. The first time I was in a town like the 1930’s with these people that just ain’t right. The next time same town and era but different location. Come to find out that I was mentally moving in and out of time and space. Now this is not a pleasant experience so far. Me in the future and maybe even a different dimension is trying to fix what has happened.

For what has happened is me and the family is stuck in a time loop thing created by Zach. The goal, to stop a creature called the Filth. I have made many trips there and back. Every time it’s a new horror story. Someone at some point dies. To make matters worse is the fact that it is across many realities.p. There are only a couple things I know for sure. One Zach is the last one standing. Two I am taken by the Filth. Lastly, everyone dies in one way or another. I have to stop this. Advantage so far am the only one with Dracul on my side. The best advantage is we have a start on all this before it has happened in our reality. The question is how……..

The popular theory is to jump in and out gather info and power. Neither of which has bore any fruit. Well some I guess….(sigh) I jumped back once as a group and I took the Tree…I have to find the starting point. Stop it. I….I….killed them. All of them.

Timey wimey..........Stuff
We are way over our heads

I dont want to think about this again i dont……but we have to deal with this or we are all royally fucked. Jon is slipping into a causality loop that hasn’t been completed yet and we are all trying to gain power from it to stop a Being that makes Ouroburos look like a garden snake a plan made up by larry no less……….and what does that say about us i mean Sure the rest of the guys murdered the shit out of a dragon and yeah we went toe to toe with a weakened piece of a Japanese equivalent of the Devil but even then those things are nothing against an ELDER GOD………and to top it all off we now owe a damned favor to a reaper that wants to steal our souls before we get to Any form of destination besides his own realm the River of BLOODY STYX, i wonder if he is the one guiding the arcane eye………and it was all because that asshole larry decided to toss his soul away and throw his life force into jon which did help i get it what he was doing dont misunderstand me journal dont, its the fact he threw EVERYTHING away and redcorn and i had to go bargain with the reaper which meant i had to trust ouroburos to bring me back from near death to do it……im never going in after him again and he may say WE owe him for helping jon i call bull there were other ways he could have gone about this that would not have endangered us to something that dangerous life throwing a life line to jon through contact with his body mixing a peice of his magic with jons to give him a stable connection LIKE A NORMAL MAGE IS SUPPOSED TO when providing a soul connection to pull a person back from wandering out of their body so he owes the group big time. and Redcorn nearly got us both killed trying to mince words and “Bargain” with the reaper which i f the damned thing didnt have limitations and something like him has very strict limits he probably would have shredded up both if we tried to go after Larry without bargaining….im half tempted just to shoot his brains out “Cleric” my ass he is just some hab hazard hermit with a little skill to heal us from the tiniest wounds with a staff that is supposed to signal the end times…… this shit is driving me up the wall i mean we practically stole the powers of another of our realities just to empower ourselves well jon did the rest of us had no choice in the matter and probably just committed them to their doom and when jon pulled ouroburos and by extension me into one of his trips earlier on i saw my self die when i let ouroburos take over against these people…puppets….slendermen copies that i couldnt stop with everything i had. im losing it i swear i need to go find a woman or something being a virgin and dealing with all this is not good for my mind but im afraid if i do find something im bound to draw them in which makes things worse. i dont know anymore if i can live very long and i know that if we go into that timeslip it doesnt matter if i know the outcome or even the possibility is very prevalent i know if that situation happens again or comes close i will give ouroburos control and give him everything to stop this thing and that is what scares me….. west winds preserve me and mine until we can stop this sheer madness from spewing out onto the rest of the world. because if we dont do it i doubt anything else will have the capacity to touch it. im keeping my feeling to myself especially around zac and jon don’t need them knowing im willing to go suicidal in a no win situation……i hate being alone what with dad up and disappearing and no one else can know what we do or else i will draw them into this hell that is an existence i may have jon and zac i trust them i do but i cant get close to them i feel like they already have to cover for slack on my weak ass as it is i mean it took ouroburos to give me a power that i can stand up to anything we fight otherwise im a distraction

The Tower of Babylon?

We have come to this dark tower with no doors or windows. Luckily Larry has kept that damn Key-Blade “lack of actual name” and he has been trying to keep a charge in it. Well, it worked and made a door for us to enter. As we enter the tower we find a large room with a statue in the middle. After the group researches. they find that it is a titan forced to serve Hades. Red was able to solve the riddle. Once the word was spoken a large creature a merged from where the statue was. We were in complete darkness. Using our link I shared life sense power so we could see the creature. Then we began throwing grenades at the creature. Didn’t really seem to bother it too much, not with its dark rock like skin. Red was able to cover the creature with some sort of flammable liquid, which I was more than happy to ignite which killed the monster.

We proceeded to the door. Devon Tried to kick the door down but no such luck. Then we heard footsteps coming from behind the door. I quickly took Jake’s claymores and rigid them to the door. Some creatures opened the door and BOOM! HAHAHA what was left that a merged was 5 skeletons and one giant in an armored suit. Everyone quickly dispatched the skeletons while I and Zach focused all our efforts on the big one. His helmet was removed during the fight and it was a cyclops head. With the helmet out of the way, I turned his head into chopped fruit lol. Red and larry kept the cyclops eye hoping that it might have magical properties we can use later.

As a group still at this point we continued through the door into a grand hallway with columns on each side. An undead creature at the far end of the hallway set off a trap with 6-foot spikes as hard as steel. Larry and Zach jumped to one side and Larry saved the rest of us and knocked us to the other side. At which point skeletons started coming out of side rooms on each side. Having the most dexterity I jumped off the wall to rejoin Larry and Zach. Upon my landing, i destroyed two of these would be foes. Red did find out that his artifact can heal magical ailments and that includes raising the dead. After finishing off our opponents we had 3 ways to go. So we decided the best thing to do was split up.

Zach and I had decided to go left and Larry,Devon,Red and Jake would all go right. I guess they went up some stairs and found a library with a ghost in there and I guess they pissed it off. No real surprise there not really the brightest we sent up to the library. I and Zach went down some stairs and found a door that was magically sealed. We decided not to open it just yet. Dracul said that he respected the opponent inside the room and that he would make a good meal. The urge to fight and kill was upon me could barely control myself. After we left we found another room at the end of the hallway which had a magical gauntlet that seems to work perfectly with Zach. Increasing his power without the side effect of hurting himself. It was almost too good to be true.

The others found that this was the Tower of Babylon. Or at least that was their theory. By this time I couldn’t control myself anymore I wanted the fight. Ah, the thrill of the hunt the kill…….nothing more exciting. The group couldn’t stop arguing about trying to get more info on what was on the other side I just wanted to kill it. Getting bored I just opened the door and sitting on a throne on the other side of a black river that seemed very similar to what the Dark Smiths weapon was made of was a man. I Attacked him full strength hoping to get his attention off everyone else. This man was strong and fast. After him being annoying teleporting around attacking everyone but me lol. I think his weak strategy was to kill or injury the weaker members of the group so he could focus on me later either that or he didn’t think I was much of a threat. His mistake. The river ate magic energy and was not natural we also found that he could use the river to heal his wounds. Red went straight to the river and started destroying it. He was not happy about that. No matter with Red destroying the river he was not playing any attention to the rest of us whoops again lol. Maybe all the sleep made him weak or stupid. But with his attention gone we all attacked him resulting in his death and destruction of the river. I struck the final blow allowing Dracul to consume him. Got a cool little power which allows me to teleport quickly at short range. Right now about 5 feet. Have to work on that. Also found that I can absorb magic and turn it into healing for the group very handy. Lastly, Dracul has increased my strength which is useful in a fight.

After the fight, i started feeling a sickness to the east. Very strange in all aspects. Maybe it is my magic sensing “it has developed to be very sensitive” So several questions arise from this one: how can I sense this in a different dimension? next, why does it feel like a sickness? and what kind of sickness? So strange that no one else seems to have this feeling of sickness. makes no sense just like everything else involving my powers God Dammit. I guess we will have to wait and see. Also, this whole event in LA makes no sense it feels more like a test or a drill than an actual disaster. Maybe I should ask whisper winds apprentice about all this. The Light Eaters who are they really?*

Red's Log: The Dark Tower Part 1
A.K.A. That time I became a cleric

So, apparently Whisperwind has been killed. I guess we gotta go find out how and why and where. This is how we’ve found ourselves standing outside some weird dark tower trying to gain entry. Larry used his key-blade to open the door, which it turns out led to a portal to another dimension. The first room is covered in magical darkness, however, has a statue of a multi-limbed figure in the center, which had had multiple arms and hands and was holding a candle in one hand in front of the statue. Doing some research revealed that it’s the statue of a Greek titan of the hekatoncoreis (however you spell the word), who was imprisoned in Tartarus and forced to serve Hades. Seems like this titan had domain over death and darkness. A voice echoed from the statue reciting a riddle, which I proudly deciphered and answered. Then the candle blew out and we were plunged into darkness. A creature burst forth from within the statue and protruded snake-like from a hole where the statue once stood while trying to kill us. It was covered in leathery skin studded with the rock like patches and possessed a multitude of arms much like the titan, some of which burst from the floor trying to grab us. I covered it in a flammable mist after dodging a few attacks which were set off by Jon, leading to the death of the beast.

After we blew open the doors at the far end of the first room in the tower, a giant armored clockwork golem trundled in through the opening, followed by multiple smaller undead soldiers. Upon blowing the helmet off the creature, it exposed what looked like the skull of a cyclops with a glowing red eye and gnashing teeth. Jon burst its head in an explosion that launches the eye into the sky. I cushioned its fall using the wind and guided it to myself. Larry then sent it back to our compound using his key blade. Cyclops eyes have been known to be used in Greek stories for their healing properties. Upon investigation of the golem, I found that it was essentially a quasi-mechanical structure powered not by its own mechanisms by the skull of the cyclops fused to its humanoid skeletal structure.

We go down the hallway past the golem which has a small door at the end and an intersecting hallway going to either side. A skeletal figure calmly walked out of the door and triggered a trap which caused spikes to spring out of the floor. We dodged the spikes, then were set upon by undead soldiers. I learned that trying to heal the undead does indeed cause them harm. I am now a cleric. After beating the creatures we split up, Jon and Zach going off to the right and the rest of us going off to the left.

My party climbs a winding stairway which leads to a small library filled with scrolls written in Greek. We also find an apparition which seemed to be a cursed spirit fated to be the keeper of this library. We started asking her questions about various topics and Jake’s mind slug began translating for us since she only spoke Greek. Larry informed her of our connection to Dracula and the mental parasite with no appreciation for good jokes and the ghost lady freaked out, disappeared, and animated all the scrolls to begin auto casting their spells at us while flying around. I gathered them all up with a small cyclone and forced them out through another door leading from the library destroying most of them. That seemed to have broken some kind of connection with the spirit. I hope I freed her. The thought that I might have destroyed her spirit weighs heavily upon my mind.

Part way through the encounter and for a small time after, Jon and Zach started talking to us about a door they found covered in runes barring some evil entity from leaving. They must have decided against disturbing the door because the conversation ended there. We heard some commotion coming from downstairs and met back up with Jon and Zach, the latter of which had apparently found some kind of magical gauntlet which, from the evidence of the hallway and the room at the end of the hallway back downstairs, turns him into one punch man. Unfortunately, that’s when things deteriorated into a conversation about how best we would commit suicide in the next few minutes by entering the runed door downstairs.

The room on the other side contained a river, and a throne, upon which an emaciated, black armored figure sat. Jon immediately attacked the figure using his ascended form which the creature easily matched in power and speed. The party clashes with him for a few minutes while I’m using my bow to launch pieces of the staff at him. This enrages the creature and it teleports behind me. I shit myself at this point. Luckily Jon used our connection to switch our places and block the blow. The fight continues, nevertheless, after a moment the creature begins absorbing water from the river to fortify itself, or heal itself it seems. This gives me an idea, I must purify the river. However, this proves to be harder than just dipping the staff in it and thinking nice thoughts, yet with much hard work and perseverance I purified the river, saving a little bit of it in a vial for myself. There was probably some more fighting, I wasn’t paying much attention, and still I think they killed the thing. That doesn’t matter, the important part is I did a thing and it was awesome.

Jon's view


Here is an interesting topic our powers. Here is the breakdown. Larry has control of water, turning it to ice, moving it, making ice golem stuff like that, all water based. Red’s power is that of the wind. So far, he really hasn’t done much with it. Can suck up air, do this air jaunt thing, increase the power or aim of his arrows, oh and turn into smoke but, I don’t really think he has tried to evolve his power. Devon has super strength and durable as all hell and that would be about it, his special he gets this armor over him and he can grant it to other people temp. TG is fire, fireballs, flame thrower, light himself on fire, however, like Red, I don’t think he is really trying to evolve his powers either they seemed to have hit a wall with it. Mom has to light, she just got it and really hasn’t had the chance to evolve her power.

They are connected to what we have referred to as the tree. Which I believe is the base for the Dark Smiths weapon “ShadowSlayer”. Zach who can control gravity, also connected, received their powers elsewhere are, very powerful ability, however, it takes a toll by hurting him physically. Zach received his powers while in a sub-dimension of the Faye it was some sort of dark energy that was killing him and I could not heal him of it so I infused it with his body to make it work in harmony and his gravity power was the result. Jake not sure what happened with him some sort of ritual was used on him and he got some sort of shadow power. Will have to wait and see how it develops, also comes with the cost of another being living on the tree and inside all of our heads.

The next power we got was from Dracul. At first, we all shared his power which gave us added energy and a weapon that was black. Now he has focused all of his energy into me and has given me a powerful tool to be used. Have to be careful with him, though. He wants life force I don’t know why maybe for food, Joy, who knows at this point but, I think that’s why he chose me out of everyone is I have more kills by myself then the group together. Drac is the little voice in my head whispering death into my ear. I have to watch myself nevertheless, as time has passed the voice quiets and the urge to kill has gotten easier to resist. Now for my powers. It started with regeneration on myself and the ability to heal others, then I could take life energy from people. “Maybe another reason Drac chose me?”

Then I could mimic the group’s powers also discovered that we could trade energy, teleport, and talk with telepathy among ourselves. My accented mode I guess can take 20 years off a man’s life or turn stuff to ash with a single touch. At first, I thought my power was life energy, then I thought I was like a medium for everyone’s powers much like the weapon that gave us our powers, to begin with, although I don’t think that is it either. One thing is for sure MY power is ever evolving, and always adding what I can do. Every time I think it’s one thing it changes or starts going a different direction. Maybe I am like the Zerg, always taking what it can use and ever evolving. Then again, my accented mode seems to go more like life energy. Maybe that’s what my power really is. It is the ShadowSlayer power. That would explain it all. The ability to heal would be a result of the weapon trying to sustain itself. Mimicking others powers is also a result of the original weapon. The next time I have the chance I am going to try to take someone’s powers and add them to the fold. I had some success doing it with a demon inside a dead corpse maybe something more sustained and stable, I would have better results. It’s worth a shot…

Now on a dark subject I greatly fear for everyone’s lives. I have come to the reality that even with these great powers everyone is very vulnerable maybe even more so now. They are dependent too much on their powers and close range combat is out of the question. Everyone except Devon; one or two hits from any monster can kill them. Even Devon has his limits. I have yet to test mine. Maybe that’s why it acts so weird. The closest I have come was when I got into an arms game of sorts with The Lecker. Even then I only got about half way. I am so reserved with my power when I am with the group too scared that they are going to die. Almost happened a couple of times. For FUCKS SAKE when we fought Yabir almost everyone died beside Devon and I. we were about half way there. I am the group’s greatest strength and weakness. I stand the best chance at close range combat fighting with the monsters. If something happens to them, I have to stop and heal which is a heavy toll. Can’t figure out how to balance it out yet. If we don’t do something soon; someone is going to die.

So Far

So my Brother has asked that we keep these journals and write down are adventures. It started with Zach going on a retreat with his company up in the woods. After not checking in with his wife we all decided to go and check on him. What we found where what we believe to be called Skinwalkers. We had a very long night longest one of my life. However, we did find Zach who had lost his ability to walk due to his injuries that he got fighting those things. Most of us felt like it was a dream it still feels that way. That was what is called “Unveiling” It was our first time see the things that the human mind can’t explain.

For the first year not sure how to explain it we all did our own little things to cope with what happened. Most of us that were involved stayed in touch. Redcorn, Beefcake, Larry, and me. Zach and his wife, however, fell off the grid so to speak. Do to what had happened he received a large amount of money for what happened that day on his retreat. He spent his money and time preparing a housing complex and creating a company known as CRI “Chaos Ranch Incorporated” to fight the monster back. After he was ready he brought us all and our families to live there in safety. Explained what his plan was which basically to fight the monsters and keep people safe and get paid to do it. We would be a mercenary group against monsters and everything else supernatural that is causing a problem.
”one"> Our first job was a total screw up. Me, Larry and TG aka “beefcake/Michael” went to Colorado to check on some reports of undead. We took to vehicles my truck and TG to a sports car in the winter. So on the way up there he got stuck and was attacked by some sort of Yeti monster luckily Devon, Jake and Uncle Chris was sent as backup. TG was injured and his car was lost but at least he is alive. As for me and Larry, we found out that there was a large undead infestation. We had to run and hide from them do to they were numbering 2-3 hundred. We were able to make a trap and kill most of them. We started looking for any that we missed and found this house that was like a breeding ground for the undead. We destroyed the house and decided to look into seeing if it was a single event or if more were connected. Well more where all to one guy Roman Neccer. When we started looking into him our search brought us to a junkyard in Nevada. This is where our lives truly changed. There was a ghost with some species of hell hound during our fight TG shoot me three times in the back. Good thing I was wearing body armor but at such close range still broke a couple ribs. While I was resting in the truck Larry, TG, Devon and Redcorn found a box with this black substance. It gave us our powers which we will review in another journal. Now are interest was piqued and we started looking into him more. That’s when it happened one mistake that cost us dearly. TG made a phone see if we could bring him to us and set up a trap. During this phone call, TG gave him everything he needs to go from the hunted to the hunter. He fell off the grid and attacked us at home with full force. This has left a serious trust issue with me to TG which I am still dealing with.

During our time searching we fought many creatures and made allies one of which is a group of werewolves based out of New York with packs everywhere. Another one we have is more of a loose treaty with the vampires it’s more of a fair warning of each other’s presence to avoid conflict. It’s a little bit respect and a little bit fear. One of the opponents we faced was Yabir a very powerful foe, which we were able to defeat was a close fight. We also defeated what is known as a Loupe-Garou if that’s how you spell it. But it is a werewolf that is being consumed by a demon. Which we know very little about. Then there is the watchtower a strange group of wizards there more like watchers and enforcers for the magic world for humans. We also have a strange relationship with the winter court. The summer court has not tried talking to us or informing or any sort of involvement also I place blame on TG we reached out to them once and it did not go over well from what I understand. The winter court, however, seems very interested in our activities and are keeping a close eye on us. I think that they have to put it plainly “called dibs” on us which also includes babysitting us. We have gotten many warnings from them about what we can’t do. Teaching us where the line is I guess. Most of this interest seems to stem from these assassins, mainly the youngest brother. I think it’s only for the challenge we can be some day. My guess better an ally now then an enemy later.

To rap this up we learned that Roman Neccer was a watcher that was driven mad by the Weaver. He had been in hiding for years and do to our fuck up he started doing what he was good at. As we got hotter on his trail we learned even more about him and ourselves. We were a by-product of a weapon made by some hybrid creature. The stuff that gave us our powers is what he was after and we took it. My guess is that Neccer was not really all that powerful himself and after we killed his toughest thug he was out of options. He couldn’t fight us head on and traps were not really working with him. Do have to thank him for teaching us how to run and fight when things look bad. He must have tried a dozen times with traps or catching us unaware to give him the edge. Down side he taught me our groups weakness too. Anyways he somehow trapped what I can only call the boogeyman and started some ritual to take his power. Did not work in his favor though boogeyman took him after we freed him.

Now that thats over we are now on are way to LA to fight in a war of mages lol. Never thought I would say that. So here is the start of my journal I will give more detailed journal entries later.

My Torment Begins
Entry made by Jacob Krall

Tam and I had a Simple Damn job …. retrieve a Stolen sarcophagus and a two-foot Obsidian Mayan knife stolen from an Army armored truck transport in a single go. spooks didn’t tell us shit about them just recover to them, 100K if we got either one intact and destroyed the other 132K for both intact……….Then Tam and I began looking into it, we knew we were dealing with something nasty all the while we found our clues to find the damned artifacts we went into a haunted mansion all the way out in Portland, Oregon we entered ready for heavy combat. easy breach and clear, but smoke inside knocked Tam out after we entered the library of the damn place. I Tried to pull us out the window but the smoke got to me as well……Should have thrown a concussion at it would have cleared it up…. Maybe….But I’m Rambling all the while telling the Shadow entity in my head to shut up…. Back to my Point, I woke up bent over the Sarcophagus with one of these crazy looking cultists that stole the damn thing in the first place in front of me with an IV in my arm and the Knife in his hand….and decided to start marking my chest with cauterized cuts from this knife that was from the damn knife…. or short sword for normal people. I then proceeded to have One hell of a bad Trip experience with Babylonian walls with odd carvings and a GOD DAMN WOLF MADE OUT OF SNAKES……..SNAKES Christ, this shit drives me nuts…. and on top of that when I pulled away from the damn thing snakes form it launched into My God Damn Mouth……… I resisted it…. I’m not sure if Ouroboros or whatever the hell you spell his name with was inside already or came in through that but now I have to eat God damn corpses all the while inhabited by a shadow demon…. god…. thing On top of that risking my soul in a Hell of a checkers mixed with chess game and my God knows what else. but now I have giant shadow arms that have enough strength that probably let me rip a Semi TITANIUM KING-PIN APART……I don’t know how I’m gonna handle this since it not only can talk to me but everyone else WHO ALSO HAVE POWERS!!!!……jeez they could have told me Tam was open but I’m not sure if Jon and they were going to tell me about theirs but who knows. at least I don’t suffer this bastard alone

- Hunter Jacob Krall


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