A legendary staff that seems to be disintegrating and reintegrating at the same time.

  1. Staff Abilities
    • Can either cause magical diseases or ailments and cure the same on touch. (Touch of Fate)
    • Can expel a magical mist, the effective of which depends on the users need. (Winds of Change)
    • The staff aids helps me to fine tune the control I have over wind.
  2. Ability Bonus’
    • Touch of Fate = + Magic bonus to Dmg/Eff
    • Winds of Change = + Magic bonus Dmg/Eff
    • Bonus Enhancements = + 2 Acc. w/ Magic

We found this staff while on a mission to discover the fate of Whitewind. A good pedestrian was in possession of it while watching over our acquaintance. He expressed his desire that I should have the staff and I graciously acquiesced to his wishes.

Few notes I’ve realized recently:

  • The staff can be used to destroy the undead with a touch. I guess their malady is magical in nature. Need to test this at length.
  • Also, cannot use the staff to heal non-magical ailments. Tried this on Devon. In fact I think I began “curing” him of his abilities. Must investigate further.


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