Dark Maelstrom

A glowing Tyrian Purple Gem


The Dark Maelstrom

This Crystal has had a lot of names throughout the ages. Maelstrom, The divider, Black Door, Black door at the end of the Alley. One thing is for sure, an immensely powerful being created this Item.

This Item/Weapon was created for the sole purpose of getting through what was impossible. Most say it was an outsider that created this to break through the gates of the barrier to the mortal world. No one person is certain of that. Without knowing the creator, the exact purpose of the Maelstrom is unknown. Maybe he wanted to break into a vault that was protected by a barrier most found impossible to traverse. We will never know. Any Outsider worth some kind of salt would murder, pillage, rape, dismember for this item.


This item was consumed by the tree. What that created was a hollow part of the tree to shine with a Tyrian Purple glow and shards of crystal flowing through it. I have only heard that Jon was able to call on this great power to try and send a DUKE of hell back from whence he came. We still do not know the effect on the Tree this will have or what it will do to us.

-Zachary Ross


Dark Maelstrom

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