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We are way over our heads

I dont want to think about this again i dont……but we have to deal with this or we are all royally fucked. Jon is slipping into a causality loop that hasn’t been completed yet and we are all trying to gain power from it to stop a Being that makes Ouroburos look like a garden snake a plan made up by larry no less……….and what does that say about us i mean Sure the rest of the guys murdered the shit out of a dragon and yeah we went toe to toe with a weakened piece of a Japanese equivalent of the Devil but even then those things are nothing against an ELDER GOD………and to top it all off we now owe a damned favor to a reaper that wants to steal our souls before we get to Any form of destination besides his own realm the River of BLOODY STYX, i wonder if he is the one guiding the arcane eye………and it was all because that asshole larry decided to toss his soul away and throw his life force into jon which did help i get it what he was doing dont misunderstand me journal dont, its the fact he threw EVERYTHING away and redcorn and i had to go bargain with the reaper which meant i had to trust ouroburos to bring me back from near death to do it……im never going in after him again and he may say WE owe him for helping jon i call bull there were other ways he could have gone about this that would not have endangered us to something that dangerous life throwing a life line to jon through contact with his body mixing a peice of his magic with jons to give him a stable connection LIKE A NORMAL MAGE IS SUPPOSED TO when providing a soul connection to pull a person back from wandering out of their body so he owes the group big time. and Redcorn nearly got us both killed trying to mince words and “Bargain” with the reaper which i f the damned thing didnt have limitations and something like him has very strict limits he probably would have shredded up both if we tried to go after Larry without bargaining….im half tempted just to shoot his brains out “Cleric” my ass he is just some hab hazard hermit with a little skill to heal us from the tiniest wounds with a staff that is supposed to signal the end times…… this shit is driving me up the wall i mean we practically stole the powers of another of our realities just to empower ourselves well jon did the rest of us had no choice in the matter and probably just committed them to their doom and when jon pulled ouroburos and by extension me into one of his trips earlier on i saw my self die when i let ouroburos take over against these people…puppets….slendermen copies that i couldnt stop with everything i had. im losing it i swear i need to go find a woman or something being a virgin and dealing with all this is not good for my mind but im afraid if i do find something im bound to draw them in which makes things worse. i dont know anymore if i can live very long and i know that if we go into that timeslip it doesnt matter if i know the outcome or even the possibility is very prevalent i know if that situation happens again or comes close i will give ouroburos control and give him everything to stop this thing and that is what scares me….. west winds preserve me and mine until we can stop this sheer madness from spewing out onto the rest of the world. because if we dont do it i doubt anything else will have the capacity to touch it. im keeping my feeling to myself especially around zac and jon don’t need them knowing im willing to go suicidal in a no win situation……i hate being alone what with dad up and disappearing and no one else can know what we do or else i will draw them into this hell that is an existence i may have jon and zac i trust them i do but i cant get close to them i feel like they already have to cover for slack on my weak ass as it is i mean it took ouroburos to give me a power that i can stand up to anything we fight otherwise im a distraction


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