The Tower of Babylon?

We have come to this dark tower with no doors or windows. Luckily Larry has kept that damn Key-Blade “lack of actual name” and he has been trying to keep a charge in it. Well, it worked and made a door for us to enter. As we enter the tower we find a large room with a statue in the middle. After the group researches. they find that it is a titan forced to serve Hades. Red was able to solve the riddle. Once the word was spoken a large creature a merged from where the statue was. We were in complete darkness. Using our link I shared life sense power so we could see the creature. Then we began throwing grenades at the creature. Didn’t really seem to bother it too much, not with its dark rock like skin. Red was able to cover the creature with some sort of flammable liquid, which I was more than happy to ignite which killed the monster.

We proceeded to the door. Devon Tried to kick the door down but no such luck. Then we heard footsteps coming from behind the door. I quickly took Jake’s claymores and rigid them to the door. Some creatures opened the door and BOOM! HAHAHA what was left that a merged was 5 skeletons and one giant in an armored suit. Everyone quickly dispatched the skeletons while I and Zach focused all our efforts on the big one. His helmet was removed during the fight and it was a cyclops head. With the helmet out of the way, I turned his head into chopped fruit lol. Red and larry kept the cyclops eye hoping that it might have magical properties we can use later.

As a group still at this point we continued through the door into a grand hallway with columns on each side. An undead creature at the far end of the hallway set off a trap with 6-foot spikes as hard as steel. Larry and Zach jumped to one side and Larry saved the rest of us and knocked us to the other side. At which point skeletons started coming out of side rooms on each side. Having the most dexterity I jumped off the wall to rejoin Larry and Zach. Upon my landing, i destroyed two of these would be foes. Red did find out that his artifact can heal magical ailments and that includes raising the dead. After finishing off our opponents we had 3 ways to go. So we decided the best thing to do was split up.

Zach and I had decided to go left and Larry,Devon,Red and Jake would all go right. I guess they went up some stairs and found a library with a ghost in there and I guess they pissed it off. No real surprise there not really the brightest we sent up to the library. I and Zach went down some stairs and found a door that was magically sealed. We decided not to open it just yet. Dracul said that he respected the opponent inside the room and that he would make a good meal. The urge to fight and kill was upon me could barely control myself. After we left we found another room at the end of the hallway which had a magical gauntlet that seems to work perfectly with Zach. Increasing his power without the side effect of hurting himself. It was almost too good to be true.

The others found that this was the Tower of Babylon. Or at least that was their theory. By this time I couldn’t control myself anymore I wanted the fight. Ah, the thrill of the hunt the kill…….nothing more exciting. The group couldn’t stop arguing about trying to get more info on what was on the other side I just wanted to kill it. Getting bored I just opened the door and sitting on a throne on the other side of a black river that seemed very similar to what the Dark Smiths weapon was made of was a man. I Attacked him full strength hoping to get his attention off everyone else. This man was strong and fast. After him being annoying teleporting around attacking everyone but me lol. I think his weak strategy was to kill or injury the weaker members of the group so he could focus on me later either that or he didn’t think I was much of a threat. His mistake. The river ate magic energy and was not natural we also found that he could use the river to heal his wounds. Red went straight to the river and started destroying it. He was not happy about that. No matter with Red destroying the river he was not playing any attention to the rest of us whoops again lol. Maybe all the sleep made him weak or stupid. But with his attention gone we all attacked him resulting in his death and destruction of the river. I struck the final blow allowing Dracul to consume him. Got a cool little power which allows me to teleport quickly at short range. Right now about 5 feet. Have to work on that. Also found that I can absorb magic and turn it into healing for the group very handy. Lastly, Dracul has increased my strength which is useful in a fight.

After the fight, i started feeling a sickness to the east. Very strange in all aspects. Maybe it is my magic sensing “it has developed to be very sensitive” So several questions arise from this one: how can I sense this in a different dimension? next, why does it feel like a sickness? and what kind of sickness? So strange that no one else seems to have this feeling of sickness. makes no sense just like everything else involving my powers God Dammit. I guess we will have to wait and see. Also, this whole event in LA makes no sense it feels more like a test or a drill than an actual disaster. Maybe I should ask whisper winds apprentice about all this. The Light Eaters who are they really?*


amishman666 jross32_jr

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