The Seal

By Jon

We have finally decide to fight back against the Weaver. Well the play was to attack him but that has changed to distract him. So we started looking around for ways to get his attention so Lucian can recover in peace or with as little interruptions as possible. In our attempt I came across a Druid would be my best guess. Apparently he was guarding a the seal for War. Now we made a deal with this druid and have to return it in 3 days. With in minutes of getting the amulet monsters started attacking us. The first Demon was no joke. At first i thought we could take him. Well that changed after we wound him. He just ate another near by demon. Now we are hiding inside Dante’s In-furnace. Hopefully we can get out and back to the druid we little to no problems. Now to top off our problems so sort of brain demon is trying to talk to us and the top level that is sealed whatever is in there is trying to break out. Awesome and more awesome.


amishman666 jross32_jr

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