Catch up

Jon's view

So its been awhile since i have written in the journal. Got some catching up to do. First we where able to defeat the Filth inside his own time pocket that zach made into a loop. We found out that a part of him followed him and if you charged it you could use it against him. The whole event took alot out of me and has caused me to drift from the group

Next, we found our way to the darkside. Which is like a dimension inbetween a dimension. There we meet a fighter promoter and weapon store owner. We of course found ourselves a couple of fights which was nice. The main objective though was to make so contacts on the nightside. Which we really need. Not that we made very many. Everyone was more interested in just getting fights and gear. I feel sometimes that the group doesnt really think about what their doing. Oh i do need to back up a little. Before we went to the darkside the group was with the pack giving them an update on what had happened with the filth. The pack was tricked by another werewolf clan from the eastern hemisphere. Their leader was possessed by what is believed to be the weaver. And he is trying to start the apocalypse. Seems so trivial after the filth which i find strange. Good news is there are 7 seals that need to be broken. Bad news i am pretty sure two of them are broken.

The second seal i am pretty sure was the Boston incident. Which we did meet the MCB and task force unicorn. The MCB hired us with brute force and i dont like it. They will all die. In Boston we found an ancient Vampire master with a brood mother. Which the are like the original Vamps i guess and off breed that came first. We where able to defeat them by jumping on a golden opportunity. Engaged with this master was Laront and another vamp higher up. Helped them out which i think will pay off later like and investment. I am sure my dumb ass group will get themselves killed or something

Last on this summary is the fact the WINTER QUEEN WAS ATTACKED. not good not good. they fight mostly outsiders like the filth. not good not good. so now everyone is being attacked because my guess is the winter court is pulling its strength in to defend themselves. sucks for everyone else though. I am thinking that the attack was for that purpose right there. wound the winter court and pull them in so they dont have the same reach. its a smart move. creates more holes for whatever and leaves other groups open to attack. At the same time another wild fey area was attacked and wiped out. my guess by someone controlling the MCB and using their resources. Why not if you can have two enemies kill each other for you might as well they just need a push. Unfortunately my group is to blind to look at the big picture all the see is the road not the map. Need to take the head of the snake. I think we know where Ben Watson is. If we can get a message out to Task force unicorn we might get them to do it for us and we can help the fey side of this problem and keep outsiders out. Which reminds me that the tree is a weapon to fight outsiders. I am thinking that the MCB is being used as a distraction or maybe the outsiders are. But neither of them is the root cause of whats going on. Its the weaver playing his games. And everyones lives are on the line in this game of gods. I think we need to find a way to counter strike the weaver using an enemy god of his.


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