Boston madness

By jacob Krall

You ever wonder what a left for dead zombie Apocalypse was gonna feel like and happen look no further then a strigoi infestation we get strong armed into this by MCB whom got strong armed by PUFF….fucking puff put $10000 bounty on the children at our compound, Children!….. one of these days we are going to be ripping apart a MCB Team because Puff decided it has had enough of us…..Back to our present fucktopalypse we investigated a building where another MCB sent team got dropped and seemed to get all the attention of the local horde. place was entirely wreck as they seemed to fight all the way to the top of the 50 story tower to get off something……my memory hazed out after we started to feel a large horde come after us as well we had just felt the past events of one of the members. weird how my awareness took to TG’s sight. i think Ouroboros’s connection to the dead is letting me see things when i push. but that is just a theory. its odd how ouroboros is feeling like a stable presence. i may have to go on my own way for a time to learn my powers, for a time, i need a focus weapon of my own and i need this amulet ouroboros keeps bugging me to find,


amishman666 xenoshunter22

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