A necklace of power and the apocalypse

By Jacob Krall

My god i don’t have a direct voice in my head anymore…….im not going nuts at least from ouroboros directly in my head at least that i can feel. he still hears and sees through me but i think that is more of the necklace now then his actual possessing me not sure. All of this from going to the Sudan region, Granted there seems to be a lot of activity going on down there especially with undead and cultists that had an attack that tore apart Devon’s Bronze skin like paper……….i admit i made mistakes but its hard to think clearly when you have a deity in your head bugging the hell out of you and just general assholes in that place but it is a war zone cant blame the local populace when i arrive at 3AM in the freaking morning but i was still working through my plan and i have never been anywhere outside the US since being a little kid so Just a weeeeeee bit out of my experience. but i think there is more to that region at some point i might return if nothing else to hunt the red court there is i ever get a contract on them which with the war of the 4 warlords there i might just take a personal interest to off em since i think they are getting magical help on all sides, at least 2 of em i think. and they are living epitomes of Scum-buggery not like the world is gonna miss em and a brief peace might show up or just absolute chaos but change is change

I admit one of my mistakes i cause innocent lives to die during the fight with the undead i cause a building collapse and to be honest i am changing, before my conscience would be tearing me apart at the seams to the point where i would be just a weeping mess, now i just plan on murdering anything dark and creepy, i think its me just adapting to the fact that confrontations between us and other supernatural entity’s are going to get messy even if i try to limit the damage, i don’t plan on killing humans outright unless they fuck with me or i have no choice but im not going to go on a murder spree except if im in that war zone again then im just going to slaughter any warlords i come across. 90% of the time they are scum that just needs to die Anyway………

But now i have another problem well CRI has a Big Fucking Problem…..I think i should just say we have a protocol Monday we need to work on a code between us when we are using the phones and radios since i think the MCB and the “SCP” Whoever the hell they are Spying on us that is can listen in on our communications.and with their knowledge of everyone’s powers its going to get ugly, and i can assume Zach and i are safe from that all it takes is one camera shot and we are in the same boat as everyone else. and then there is the other part of monday the Fucking sins that were unleashed with the seal breaking , we killed gluttony but i think we still have Greed, Wrath, Lust, envy, Sloth, and Pride, and only 5 were released so far which means 2 more on tops of more shit gets out if we lose another seal which i think might happen and to be frank the info i did find on the ones ouroboros gave us the names of i think it was legitimate information since i solved the riddle but i don’t know if he left out 2 names or is just doing his own way of forcing us to find more. and i think “Think” we should go give the INFO to not only our buddy Lucian but also Maybe the MCB. and on top of that there is the matter of the Bloody WEAVER making his moves in all this probably hunting the seals as we speak so he can usher in the apocalypse……….

i don’t know if i will live after one of these confrontations but i think if we do stop this there may come a time when i will have to gain more of my own power beyond this to stop shit like this from happening and maybe try to get zach to expand CRI, maybe then we might be at a better ability to as Jon put it Proactively stop the fires from popping up


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