The Arcane 4/5/17


The Seal
By Jon

We have finally decide to fight back against the Weaver. Well the play was to attack him but that has changed to distract him. So we started looking around for ways to get his attention so Lucian can recover in peace or with as little interruptions as possible. In our attempt I came across a Druid would be my best guess. Apparently he was guarding a the seal for War. Now we made a deal with this druid and have to return it in 3 days. With in minutes of getting the amulet monsters started attacking us. The first Demon was no joke. At first i thought we could take him. Well that changed after we wound him. He just ate another near by demon. Now we are hiding inside Dante’s In-furnace. Hopefully we can get out and back to the druid we little to no problems. Now to top off our problems so sort of brain demon is trying to talk to us and the top level that is sealed whatever is in there is trying to break out. Awesome and more awesome.

Catch up
Jon's view

So its been awhile since i have written in the journal. Got some catching up to do. First we where able to defeat the Filth inside his own time pocket that zach made into a loop. We found out that a part of him followed him and if you charged it you could use it against him. The whole event took alot out of me and has caused me to drift from the group

Next, we found our way to the darkside. Which is like a dimension inbetween a dimension. There we meet a fighter promoter and weapon store owner. We of course found ourselves a couple of fights which was nice. The main objective though was to make so contacts on the nightside. Which we really need. Not that we made very many. Everyone was more interested in just getting fights and gear. I feel sometimes that the group doesnt really think about what their doing. Oh i do need to back up a little. Before we went to the darkside the group was with the pack giving them an update on what had happened with the filth. The pack was tricked by another werewolf clan from the eastern hemisphere. Their leader was possessed by what is believed to be the weaver. And he is trying to start the apocalypse. Seems so trivial after the filth which i find strange. Good news is there are 7 seals that need to be broken. Bad news i am pretty sure two of them are broken.

The second seal i am pretty sure was the Boston incident. Which we did meet the MCB and task force unicorn. The MCB hired us with brute force and i dont like it. They will all die. In Boston we found an ancient Vampire master with a brood mother. Which the are like the original Vamps i guess and off breed that came first. We where able to defeat them by jumping on a golden opportunity. Engaged with this master was Laront and another vamp higher up. Helped them out which i think will pay off later like and investment. I am sure my dumb ass group will get themselves killed or something

Last on this summary is the fact the WINTER QUEEN WAS ATTACKED. not good not good. they fight mostly outsiders like the filth. not good not good. so now everyone is being attacked because my guess is the winter court is pulling its strength in to defend themselves. sucks for everyone else though. I am thinking that the attack was for that purpose right there. wound the winter court and pull them in so they dont have the same reach. its a smart move. creates more holes for whatever and leaves other groups open to attack. At the same time another wild fey area was attacked and wiped out. my guess by someone controlling the MCB and using their resources. Why not if you can have two enemies kill each other for you might as well they just need a push. Unfortunately my group is to blind to look at the big picture all the see is the road not the map. Need to take the head of the snake. I think we know where Ben Watson is. If we can get a message out to Task force unicorn we might get them to do it for us and we can help the fey side of this problem and keep outsiders out. Which reminds me that the tree is a weapon to fight outsiders. I am thinking that the MCB is being used as a distraction or maybe the outsiders are. But neither of them is the root cause of whats going on. Its the weaver playing his games. And everyones lives are on the line in this game of gods. I think we need to find a way to counter strike the weaver using an enemy god of his.

The Arcane 2/15/17
A necklace of power and the apocalypse
By Jacob Krall

My god i don’t have a direct voice in my head anymore…….im not going nuts at least from ouroboros directly in my head at least that i can feel. he still hears and sees through me but i think that is more of the necklace now then his actual possessing me not sure. All of this from going to the Sudan region, Granted there seems to be a lot of activity going on down there especially with undead and cultists that had an attack that tore apart Devon’s Bronze skin like paper……….i admit i made mistakes but its hard to think clearly when you have a deity in your head bugging the hell out of you and just general assholes in that place but it is a war zone cant blame the local populace when i arrive at 3AM in the freaking morning but i was still working through my plan and i have never been anywhere outside the US since being a little kid so Just a weeeeeee bit out of my experience. but i think there is more to that region at some point i might return if nothing else to hunt the red court there is i ever get a contract on them which with the war of the 4 warlords there i might just take a personal interest to off em since i think they are getting magical help on all sides, at least 2 of em i think. and they are living epitomes of Scum-buggery not like the world is gonna miss em and a brief peace might show up or just absolute chaos but change is change

I admit one of my mistakes i cause innocent lives to die during the fight with the undead i cause a building collapse and to be honest i am changing, before my conscience would be tearing me apart at the seams to the point where i would be just a weeping mess, now i just plan on murdering anything dark and creepy, i think its me just adapting to the fact that confrontations between us and other supernatural entity’s are going to get messy even if i try to limit the damage, i don’t plan on killing humans outright unless they fuck with me or i have no choice but im not going to go on a murder spree except if im in that war zone again then im just going to slaughter any warlords i come across. 90% of the time they are scum that just needs to die Anyway………

But now i have another problem well CRI has a Big Fucking Problem…..I think i should just say we have a protocol Monday we need to work on a code between us when we are using the phones and radios since i think the MCB and the “SCP” Whoever the hell they are Spying on us that is can listen in on our communications.and with their knowledge of everyone’s powers its going to get ugly, and i can assume Zach and i are safe from that all it takes is one camera shot and we are in the same boat as everyone else. and then there is the other part of monday the Fucking sins that were unleashed with the seal breaking , we killed gluttony but i think we still have Greed, Wrath, Lust, envy, Sloth, and Pride, and only 5 were released so far which means 2 more on tops of more shit gets out if we lose another seal which i think might happen and to be frank the info i did find on the ones ouroboros gave us the names of i think it was legitimate information since i solved the riddle but i don’t know if he left out 2 names or is just doing his own way of forcing us to find more. and i think “Think” we should go give the INFO to not only our buddy Lucian but also Maybe the MCB. and on top of that there is the matter of the Bloody WEAVER making his moves in all this probably hunting the seals as we speak so he can usher in the apocalypse……….

i don’t know if i will live after one of these confrontations but i think if we do stop this there may come a time when i will have to gain more of my own power beyond this to stop shit like this from happening and maybe try to get zach to expand CRI, maybe then we might be at a better ability to as Jon put it Proactively stop the fires from popping up

Boston madness
By jacob Krall

You ever wonder what a left for dead zombie Apocalypse was gonna feel like and happen look no further then a strigoi infestation we get strong armed into this by MCB whom got strong armed by PUFF….fucking puff put $10000 bounty on the children at our compound, Children!….. one of these days we are going to be ripping apart a MCB Team because Puff decided it has had enough of us…..Back to our present fucktopalypse we investigated a building where another MCB sent team got dropped and seemed to get all the attention of the local horde. place was entirely wreck as they seemed to fight all the way to the top of the 50 story tower to get off something……my memory hazed out after we started to feel a large horde come after us as well we had just felt the past events of one of the members. weird how my awareness took to TG’s sight. i think Ouroboros’s connection to the dead is letting me see things when i push. but that is just a theory. its odd how ouroboros is feeling like a stable presence. i may have to go on my own way for a time to learn my powers, for a time, i need a focus weapon of my own and i need this amulet ouroboros keeps bugging me to find,

A shining Glimmer hope or just everlasting hell...
By jacob krall

Im making a plan, i have an idea about this whole thing with new info….and i think im starting to get my confidence back but i gotta talk to zac, maybe figure something out about ouroboros maybe take a stick to his agenda, my problem lies in the Filth, im starting to think with this new info about a skull that i think belongs to the Filth. methinks from my journal entries that i think that where i went wrong was my desperation as well as Zac’s own need to kill/ desperation to win would have done something wrong maybe something catastrophic especially since the filth is Desperation, death, stagnation, madness, who knows what else. i think it would have empowered it if my relative small Small thinking of deities powers can possibly come up with. but i think the golden thumb bone that gaia sent us is probably one of two things if deduction from me is worth a damn , is 1. its a possible way home or 2. its the source of power we need for the skull to bitch slap the filth out of here but i think i need to win their trust at least.

My guess is we need to use that thumb as the power source to blast the filth….and i wonder about my own passage in the alternate timeline that ouroburos saw the skull through my eyes. i think he literally has to look for the skull for me while i try to find it, if i see it in the corner i think he needs to direct me to it without alerting the wards on it to my looking for it. but then half the writings on it is sheer madness / zac interfering with my entry just because he wanted to “Fact check my opinion” but thats just my thinking of the carp in there. and im taking some notes out of the journal about some of the power ideas he had. something about a shadow bolt idea i was cultivating though no entries on whether or not it was tested yet

The End or Begining

So we had a little bit of an incident with the tower appearing in the middle of L.A. “not allowed to speak about it” Did get a new guard dog for the compound which is nice. Still so many unanswered questions. Good news we are officially a part of the pack some good some bad but I think its the best thing for us now. I really do believe that Lucius Luko is just trying to help us. As for the rest of the group they wanted to do a trial by combat with THE LECKOR! I don’t think they know how powerful he really is, fools. But enough of that.

Shortly after that i started getting sick WTF. How? Why? To top it off had beetles coming out of my body and the more they ate the stronger they got. Not cool at all. Had to lock me in a metal box to keep the beetles from getting out into the world. With me being weak and going in and out of it Larry somehow died. Not sure on all the details but when I was out I awoke with a surge of power and found that Larry had died. I was able to revive his body and reconnect him to the tree. Had to use his sword to create the connection and make it stable. After saving his body and mind I was exhausted again. Again while I was out Jacob and Red made a deal with Death for his soul. Great that’s going to bite us in the ass later. Take me out of the game for just a few days and people die and make deals with Death.

Now during the times that I was not awake, i was just in a different place. The first time I was in a town like the 1930’s with these people that just ain’t right. The next time same town and era but different location. Come to find out that I was mentally moving in and out of time and space. Now this is not a pleasant experience so far. Me in the future and maybe even a different dimension is trying to fix what has happened.

For what has happened is me and the family is stuck in a time loop thing created by Zach. The goal, to stop a creature called the Filth. I have made many trips there and back. Every time it’s a new horror story. Someone at some point dies. To make matters worse is the fact that it is across many realities.p. There are only a couple things I know for sure. One Zach is the last one standing. Two I am taken by the Filth. Lastly, everyone dies in one way or another. I have to stop this. Advantage so far am the only one with Dracul on my side. The best advantage is we have a start on all this before it has happened in our reality. The question is how……..

The popular theory is to jump in and out gather info and power. Neither of which has bore any fruit. Well some I guess….(sigh) I jumped back once as a group and I took the Tree…I have to find the starting point. Stop it. I….I….killed them. All of them.

Timey wimey..........Stuff
We are way over our heads

I dont want to think about this again i dont……but we have to deal with this or we are all royally fucked. Jon is slipping into a causality loop that hasn’t been completed yet and we are all trying to gain power from it to stop a Being that makes Ouroburos look like a garden snake a plan made up by larry no less……….and what does that say about us i mean Sure the rest of the guys murdered the shit out of a dragon and yeah we went toe to toe with a weakened piece of a Japanese equivalent of the Devil but even then those things are nothing against an ELDER GOD………and to top it all off we now owe a damned favor to a reaper that wants to steal our souls before we get to Any form of destination besides his own realm the River of BLOODY STYX, i wonder if he is the one guiding the arcane eye………and it was all because that asshole larry decided to toss his soul away and throw his life force into jon which did help i get it what he was doing dont misunderstand me journal dont, its the fact he threw EVERYTHING away and redcorn and i had to go bargain with the reaper which meant i had to trust ouroburos to bring me back from near death to do it……im never going in after him again and he may say WE owe him for helping jon i call bull there were other ways he could have gone about this that would not have endangered us to something that dangerous life throwing a life line to jon through contact with his body mixing a peice of his magic with jons to give him a stable connection LIKE A NORMAL MAGE IS SUPPOSED TO when providing a soul connection to pull a person back from wandering out of their body so he owes the group big time. and Redcorn nearly got us both killed trying to mince words and “Bargain” with the reaper which i f the damned thing didnt have limitations and something like him has very strict limits he probably would have shredded up both if we tried to go after Larry without bargaining….im half tempted just to shoot his brains out “Cleric” my ass he is just some hab hazard hermit with a little skill to heal us from the tiniest wounds with a staff that is supposed to signal the end times…… this shit is driving me up the wall i mean we practically stole the powers of another of our realities just to empower ourselves well jon did the rest of us had no choice in the matter and probably just committed them to their doom and when jon pulled ouroburos and by extension me into one of his trips earlier on i saw my self die when i let ouroburos take over against these people…puppets….slendermen copies that i couldnt stop with everything i had. im losing it i swear i need to go find a woman or something being a virgin and dealing with all this is not good for my mind but im afraid if i do find something im bound to draw them in which makes things worse. i dont know anymore if i can live very long and i know that if we go into that timeslip it doesnt matter if i know the outcome or even the possibility is very prevalent i know if that situation happens again or comes close i will give ouroburos control and give him everything to stop this thing and that is what scares me….. west winds preserve me and mine until we can stop this sheer madness from spewing out onto the rest of the world. because if we dont do it i doubt anything else will have the capacity to touch it. im keeping my feeling to myself especially around zac and jon don’t need them knowing im willing to go suicidal in a no win situation……i hate being alone what with dad up and disappearing and no one else can know what we do or else i will draw them into this hell that is an existence i may have jon and zac i trust them i do but i cant get close to them i feel like they already have to cover for slack on my weak ass as it is i mean it took ouroburos to give me a power that i can stand up to anything we fight otherwise im a distraction


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